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TESOBE leads the Open Bank Project, the open source API platform for the financial services industry.

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What do we do?

TESOBE assists financial institutions and regulators in executing effective API and innovation strategies by providing both the technology and the expertise. We’ve helped leading organisations such as BNP Paribas and HSBC.

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Open Banking strategies

We can help you drive a sound Open Finance strategy and implementation by providing a battle-tested API platform and an expert team of advisors.

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We have worked with over 60 banks and regulators around the world. As thought leaders in Open Banking since early 2010, we have pioneered Open Banking APIs and Fintech hackathons, and along the way have educated governments, banks, industry bodies, consultancies and the wider market on the benefits of open banking.



Always close to developers, we’ve run over 70 Fintech Hackathons all over the world. Through our pioneering role in Open Banking, we’ve extensively contributed to the Legislation in Europe and beyond and have played an active role in educating the wider market about the Open API opportunity.


What do we offer?

We can help accelerate your Open Banking journey!

TESOBE delivers excellent and timely open source solutions.

We have delivered Open Banking API platforms, sandboxes, thought leadership and innovation programs to the financial services industry since 2010.

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