We can – and should – all care a little more for our planet.

To quote a certain much loved frog, “it’s not easy being green” – and as a company with international clients, we have certainly burnt our fair share of fosil fuels! 🙁 However, we’ve always tried to offset our impact. Starting with chosing Berlin for our headquarters, in part because Berlin is a super friendly bycicle city, here are some of the ways we aim to run a sustainable business:

1. Decreasing our carbon footprint

As a company with international clients, long distance travel is inevitable for us so far. However, we take long distance train journeys in Europe when possible and when flying we offset the CO2, fly second class and choose flights with less stops.

2. Giving back to nature

In 2017 we bought 36 tonnes of carbon credits with, and continue to support MoorFutures which rewetts moors in Germany thus sustaining important carbon sinks. We also make monthly contributions to Atmosfair which invests in global projects that offset CO2. One local, one global!

3. Events

Climate Change has for good reason been in the news of late – and we want to do our bit to help: On Thursday 6th June, we’re holding a meeting of talks and discussion about climate change lead by Dr Kat Austen and Dr Carl Schleussner. The aim is to put companies who want to address client change in touch with experts who can help them do just that!

For more information, please see the event on Facebook here or on Eventbrite here.

4. Using green energy

We are using green energy for our operations. Stromio GmbH is our provider and its energy is derived from solar and wind sources.

5. Waste recycles

  • Electronics, batteries, light bulbs
  • The blue bin: paper and cardboard
  • The green and white bins: glass
  • The yellow/orange bin: plastic, metal and Green Dot
  • The brown bin: biodegradable goods
  • The grey/black bin: everything else

6. Pfandsystem

This came into force in 2003 in Germany and regulate the sale and return of plastic and glass bottles, as well as aluminium cans. But our main motto is “Buy less plastic!

7. Main office location

Our main office, which is located at the junction of Osloer Str 17 / Prinzenallee, is easy to get to without a car. Trams and buses stop in front of the building and nearby S- and U-Bahn stations guarantee good connections to almost every part of Berlin. Thus we almost always arrive at work by public transport, by bike or by foot.

8. Green office building

The building was built in 1928-29 according to plans by Hans-Heinrich Müller in reference to Schinkel brick buildings on behalf of Bewag which keep our office warm in winter and cold in summer. Characteristic of the house are the towering long narrow windows that break through the arched building cornice with oriental pointed arches, creating a structured wreath on the simple facade surface and bringing lots of natural light during the working hours.

9. Get serious about water

Our main office, which is located at crossing/crossroad Osloer Str 17/Prinzenallee, offers a lot of opportunities not to come by car. Tram and bus stop in front of the building and nearby S- and U-Bahn stations guarantee good connections to almost every part of Berlin, so many of our employees come by public transport, bike or even walk.

10. Using energy efficient light bulbs

Simple as that …

11. Embrace natural cleaning products

Simple as that …

12. One hour per week

Inspired by Greta Thunberg The School strike for climate, every employee at TESOBE has a  right to contribute to the global environment by dedicating 1 hour per week during the working hours. We believe that the fintech sector has the potential to increase the opportunities for innovative SMEs in the low carbon sector, which the traditional banking sector is not prepared to invest in.

Help us

We are currently working on ideas to improve our strategy and on how become a more environmentally friendly company. The aim of sustainable development is to balance our economic, environmental and social needs, allowing prosperity for now and future generations.

For any ideas please write us here.