What is Open Insurance?

Open Insurance is a new insurance practice that enables insurance providers to share data with third-party service providers and deliver the next generation of insurance applications and services to their customers.

Benefits of Open Insurance

  • Offer an ecosystem of third party InsurTech applications

  • Leverage and monetise your data

  • Drive innovation in your organisation

  • Unlock new revenue opportunities

  • Benefit from the API Economy

TESOBE’s Open Insurance Platform is based on four pillars


  • Flexible and easy integration with legacy systems
  • 150 out-of-the-box open APIs

  • Out-of-the-box authentication, consent, and SDKs
  • Ecosystem of open insurance developers¬†
  • Hackathons – Meet and collaborate with InsurTechs

  • Integrate with blockchains

  • Easy integration with the IoT ecosystem
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Made for insurers

TESOBE’s Open Insurance platform is built on battle-tested Open Banking infrastructure and adapted to the needs of the insurance industry.

How do insurers benefit?

  • On-demand, personalized services

  • Invisible and integrated insurance offerings

  • Faster identity verification

  • Streamlined underwriting process

  • Entry to the growing IoT ecosystem

  • Automated claims with instant compensation

  • Savings on operating costs

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